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Educational project

We will manage is an educational project for people who take care for their relatives at home - chronically ill, elderly, disabled. Very often, these families do not know how to handle this difficult situation and where they can look for help which they so desperately need.


We will manage is a nationwide program created in cooperation with professionals - nurses, physiotherapists, medical staff and long-term care institutions.

Appropriate knowledge and skills are necessary for the proper care of dependent people. As part of the We will manage project, we prevent a range of various activities to support families whose loved ones need long-term care:

  • Free Guidebook - is a collection of practical advices on the care of an dependent person, the healthcare system in Poland and benefits guaranteed by the state
  • Instructional videos - thanks to them, the carer can learn how to perform particular care activities
  • Workshops - free meetings addressed to families and informal carers during which experts teach proper care, including taking care of hygiene or techniques of moving the patient

Do you have an idea how to use the We will manage project in your activity? No matter where you work, you can cooperate  with us in order to improve the quality of care for chronically ill people staying at home. 

Our Guide and instructional videos will help you with everything. By providing carers with these materials, you help them enter their new role.

We share a common goal - to help families who look after people in need of long-term care. 

Would you like to cooperate with us? Looking forward to hearing from you:

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